All-in-one payment, custody and escrow solution
  • Store all your digital assets in one place
  • Benefit from escrow features
  • Get direct access to documents on transactions
  • Protect your assets with industry-leading security

Instant payments

Make deposits, payments and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies right from your Jeto Vault. Get access to a history of payments. Take full control over your assets. Integration with banks for fiat payments is coming.


Through deep integration with JetSet Smartplace, escrow smart contracts assure that all payments between counterparties are automatically made only upon successful closure of the transaction. No third-party escrow agents are required.

NFT storage

Keep NFTs for your property in Jeto Vault and get instant access to all digitally signed legal documents on transactions.

Integration with insitution-grade regulated custody provider Fireblocks makes your financial assets absolutely safe. Multi-layer technology of Fireblocks combines the latest breakthroughs in MPC cryptography with hardware isolation