Legally compliant online sales & acquisitions of tokenized private aircraft, yachts and cars secured by blockchain

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Representation of physical assets and associated rights on blockchain

  • Immutable storage of data and docs on the asset's specification, ownership rights and sales transaction on blockchain
  • An instrument to successfully initiate, negotiate and close sales deals on the platform under the control of smart contracts to provide transparency, speed and safety
  • Reliable confirmation of (fractional) ownership transfer
  • Bridge between existing business practices and the coming WEB 3 realms


Legally compliant private aircraft sales & acquisitions automated transactions secured by smart contracts


All-in-one payment and storage solution for your financial assets

Fiat & Crypto Payments
NFT storage


JetSet Smartplace Partners with Fireblocks

We are now proudly to announce our partnership with a top-tier custody provider. It was a significant milestone for JetSet Smartplace to integrate Fireblocks - a secure and most trusted global platform that helps to develop innovative products on the blockchain and manage daily crypto operations safely.

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JetSet Smartplace Announces the Release of signNow Integrated eSignatures on the Platform

JetSet Smartplace has now integrated signNow API into the platform to provide a superior eSignature experience for documents signing process. This electronic & digital signature solution is an essential feature which allows our users to sign any legal agreement on the go.

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JetSet Smartplace Partners with Shufti Pro to Integrate KYC, KYB & AML Solutions

JetSet Smartplace goal is to prioritize user safety when it comes to making purchases through the platform. Shufti Pro’s configurable KYC, KYB & AML solution will ensure that JetSet Smartplace customers are able to seamlessly and safely initiate, negotiate and close sales deals on the platform.

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