About JetSet

JetSet develops trading and financing digital solutions to bring privacy, security, time & cost efficiency to the realms of high-value assets markets of private aircraft, yachts and elite cars

Our Mission

Digital innovations are entering all aspects of our businesses making complex processes simple and trustful. The development of blockchain instruments even further improves safety, transparency and reliability of business transactions. Our mission is to bring innovations to the highly illiquid and conservative markets of general aviation and other high-value asset classes. Sales and acquisition transactions in these verticals are cumbersome, long and costly. We aim at providing our clients with the high-grade digital solutions to help them save time and money while keeping privacy.


Advised by the team of highly experienced aircraft & yacht brokers and lawyers.

> 250 Transactions
> 2 bn Cost of aircraft sold
> 15 yr Experience
5+ Countries

What we Deliver

Privacy Time & Costs Savings Security

What we stand for

We take ownership for the projects we take on. We move projects forward and do what we say we are going to do.
Customers first
We work hard to understand our client's needs and build the systems that help them succeed.
We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest possible understanding of our methods and approaches
We are excited about bringing innovative solutions to previously conservative markets