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Private vehicles Tokenization & Trading

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All-in-one solution to safely trade cars, yachts & boats or private planes on blockchain

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Non-fungible tokens are used to represent physical assets and associated rights on blockchain. Purchase of NFT allows to enter into the deal on the Smartplace to finalize the transaction in accordance with regulations. NFT purchase price is refundable and equals the asset's prepayment.

  • Specs & History
  • Proof of ownership
  • Owner's obligation (sell/pledge/lease)
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  • Proof of title or rights transfer
  • Immutable docs on blockchain
  • Automated registration (coming)


Legally compliant sales & acquisitions of mobile assets on blockchain

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  • Use unique tokens to trade your physical assets safely
  • Sell and buy your NFT on the marketplace to enter into the deal
  • Go through automated transaction secured by smart contracts to secure the deal
  • Digitally sign legal docs
  • Make and receive instant payment in crypto or fiat in your Jeto Wallet
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Jeto Wallet

All-in-one payment and storage solution for your crypto assets

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  • Deposit and withdraw funds in crypto or fiat
  • Buy asset's NFT by locking purchase amount right in YOUR wallet until the deal is closed
  • Keep your assets' NFTs safe
  • Get access to technical data and legal docs on your assets and transactions directly in the wallet