JetSet Smartplace

The world’s first peer-to-peer all-in-one blockchain platform for the global business aviation industry.

Tokenize, trade and manage the equity of private jets.

User Benefits

Trade aircraft and components around the clock with no intermediaries

Make legally valid transactions in electronic form

Borrow against your aircraft

Opportunities for sellers and buyers

Use AI-powered marketplace

Get a value estimate from reliable appraisers

Get financing secured by your aircraft

Conduct the entire document flow online and securely

Receive payments immediately upon successful sale

Barter your plane for another one

Lease-back your aircraft

Find a suitable operator, FBO or MRO

Rent out planes for charter flights

Apply for insurance online

How it works


Register on the platform and confirm your eligibility through simple KYC and AML procedures


If you are an owner, issue unique digital tokens to represent the rights associated with your aircraft on the blockchain


Securely and effectively sell, lease, mortgage or even invest your aircraft through digital smart contracts


Automatically compose and digitally sign legally binding documents


Hire offline service providers to assist you with the physical aspects of your aircraft’s title transfer

Tokenization technology

Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) are used to represent your aircraft in a distributed ledger to enable you to take full advantage of the universe of decentralized blockchain solutions.

Tokenize the ownership rights of your aircraft for any purpose: full or partial ownership, trade options, leasing, collateral or flights.

The transfer of an NFT does not imply the transfer of ownership or other rights - it is a tool that enables you to participate in a transaction completed online via blockchain.

Documents created and signed electronically on the platform are legally valid and binding.

The aircraft tokens remain in "cold" storage until they are claimed for sale.


Application of smart contracts

All of the mechanics of the platform are built on smart contracts which allow you to:

automate most of the procedures previously performed by hand

withhold payments until the key actions specified in the contract are met

eliminate the influence of third parties on key processes through decentralization

make processes transparent, secure and fast


JetSet's compliance with the highest cybersecurity standards is periodically reviewed by independent, reputable audit firms. All legal documents automatically created on the platform for your convenience have been prepared and reviewed by leading aviation lawyers.


All your tokens, personal data and information about your aircraft are protected by cold storage - the most secure way to store digital asset data.


Each person or company entering into a transaction is checked for AML compliance to ensure the security of transactions and the reputation of our customers. Additionally, each and every advertised aircraft is confirmed by the owner.


Blockchain records provide both transparency and confidentiality. In fact, anyone can verify and track transactions without knowing the personal data of the parties involved, aside from the platform and the KYC operator. Customer data is securely managed on the platform.


JetSet provides an opportunity for investors to earn profits in decentralized finance (DeFi) with its own liquidity pool.

Get funds to buy a new plane

Borrow funds for your business against your plane, while maintaining access to use it

Invest the value of the aircraft into other businesses

Sell and lease-back aircraft in a single operation

Online certification through KYC/AML procedures. No banks or intermediaries needed - only smart contracts and the interface. Simple, fast, affordable, secure, and empowering.