Jeto Wallet

For real-world assets sales transactions

  • Store all your digital assets in one place
  • Benefit from escrow features
  • Get direct access to documents on transactions
  • Protect your assets with industry-leading security
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Your ultimate custody

All your funds - crypto or fiat - are securely stored in Jeto Wallet. Integration of the wallet with insitution-grade regulated custody provider makes your financial assets absolutely safe.

Secured by


Due to the deep integration with JetSet Smartplace, now you can secure the deal by getting your funds locked right in YOUR account. No 3d-party escrow agent is required.

Asset NFT storage

Keep your NFTs for your vehicles in Jeto wallet and get instant access to all digitally signed legal documents on transctions right from the wallet.

Crypto & Fiat Payments

Deposit or withdraw funds in any crypto currency for your day-to-day needs.

Use fiat and crypto accounts secured by PrimeTrust for selling or buying high value physical assets on JetSet Smartplace.